Gadangme Internet Forum is 10 years old today!!!!!

Happy New Year and Happy Decade to the Gadangme Internet Forum

Afi oo afi/
Afi naa akpe wo/
Kpaanyo anina wo/
Woye Gbo ni woye Gbiena/
Wofe moomo/
Alonte din ko akafo woten/
Ni akpa adiden ni wodze oshra mii/
Afi aya ni ebanina wo/
Ni wosee afi wotashi neke noo/
Ni wona wala ke ha wobii ke wo hoi/
Ni wo kpaan ni wogblaa abadwele wohie /
Ni wotako dzuro akpa bu wohie/
Ni nyemi afee nyemi/
Ni ke fuu be agblama/
Ni ke tun enyodzi/
Ni woye ayilo/
Ni omanye afee omanye/
Ni ke yoo aloo nu srolo ko/
aata heko ni eekee/
wotsumo ni akashe wodee/
emusu abu eyiteng/
eno afee leebi maakpa/
ni wono afee gberke naashi tunn/
beni larte la egboo ni akua /
lai ke tu tsofa esun/
tswa ni omanye abla wo fee
It has certainly been a very long but fruitful time for us. It has been audacious indeed trying to use modern methods of communication to deal with traditional issues of perceived marginalisation of the Gadangme people in Ghana. It has been particularly difficult for me since i sincerely believe that without Gadangme there can be no Ghana and without Ghana, Gadangme existing on its own is not a worthwhile cause.

The forum was set up by Gilbert Nii Okai Addy and myself on 1st |January 2000, with ambitious wide ranging objectives as a forum for the discussion of all issues relating to the development and Gadangme and Ghana.

It was not only the start of a new decade, but a new century and a new millenniun and as one can imagine, after the proverbial testing from Nii Okai Addy i could only responded by asking one of my endless questions as below.


What is the Ga word for Millennium Message List
Please help.
I need the Ga word for millennium.
is it afi akpe enyo or what.
Best Regards

Ataa Ade Sawyerr

Incidentally this question is still unanswered to my satisfaction. We really did not have time to think of the next millennium when time began and we need to be gearing up for the next millennium already

Gadangme<> is a listserve (e-mail list ) comprising people scattered around the globe with access to email, who are interested in communicating and exchanging ideas on issues pertaining to the socio-economic welfare and culture of the GaDangme people.

Aims and Objectives of Gadangme
The aims and objectives of the Gadangme Internet Community are as follows :
(a) Identifying and promoting ideas for the development all aspects of GaDangme society within the context of modern Ghana, hence contributing to Ghana’s development;
(b) Observing and promoting GaDangme culture, traditions and customs;
(c) Developing and promoting the Ga and Dangme languages by learning and teaching their proper usage and orthography;
(d) Propagating and teaching rich history of the GaDangme people.


A decade is certainly a long time and ten full years on the forum is still in existence with on average a healthy 700 postings a month.

Our hope is that it is transformed into a truly robust discussion group that will advocate for Gadangme people and for Ghana as well as for Africa.

Happy New Year and Happy Tenth Year to Ghana forum!!

Long Live the Gadangme Internet Forum
Long Live Gadangme
Long live Ghana

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