The life and work of the Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah

The life and work of the Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah







lEarly life

lIn the Diaspora

lBack Home


lIn government




lIn exile


lNkrumah never Dies

Early life

lBorn to Nyaneba in Nkroful of humble parents

lWent to primary and middle school in Axim

lStudied in a seminary

lTrained as a teacher at Achimota

lWorked as a journalist and studied at the feet of Azikiwe

lDecided to travel abroad to expand his horizons

lChose America on the recommendation of ZIK

In the Diaspora

lChose America to study

lWent to Lincoln and studied theology

lLater on studied political science

lWorked hard and studied hard

lGot involved in the Pan Africanist movement

lMake links with other Diaspora heroes

lContinued education in Britain

lOrganised amongst student

lTried his law

lInvolved in the organisation of the Pan Africanist congress of 1945

Back Home

lInvited by UGCC

lServed and transformed the movement into a true independence movement across the country

lEnsured that Ghana would be independent

lBroke with the UGCC – cheered on by the youth

lOn 12th June 1949 formed the CPP

lOrganised positive action in 1950

lWon the elections of 1951 from prison, 1954 even after massive defections and `1956 and then proposed the motion of destiny

lLong period of agitation fighting both the colonial government and the opposition

lSteered country to independence completing what several others had started before


lIndependence was about capitalising on a number of things – strategy and organisation at work

lCollaborated with the Diaspora – ensured that Ghana was centre of the African movement for advancement

lDismantling of the colonial regime

lSeeking the best for us as Africans

lCreating democracy and healing ethnic wounds


lDeveloped the country






lInculcated African personality

lGave us a sense of pride as a black person


lMade compact with Guinea and Mali

lHelped the freedom fight movement

lWas there at the start of the Congo

lSupported PAC

lBrought the Gambia boys to Ghana to study

lMooted an African High command

lGreat vision of an Africa Union long before it was even fashionable in the West

lBut his Africa was Pan-African with Egypt


lNon aligned movement champion

lMade Ghana and Africa proud based his rule in Ghana and his efforts at peace

lWe were both with the west and the east but got caught in the Cold war

lUniversity halls named after him

lStreets named after him

lWarnings about neo-colonisation sounded the death knell of his government

lAmerica intervened with the help of british

In Government

l1957 – Independence from Colonial Rule – FREEDOM

lWon By Kwame Nkrumah And The C.P.P

lProgressive Foreign Policy and Vision for African Unity


lGhana Atomic Energy Commission

lTema Harbour

lTema Housing Communities and Complex

lAkosombo Largest Dam and Hydro Electric project

lAccra -Tema Motorway

lAccra International Airport – Refurbishment

lPeduasi Lodge for conferences

l Houses For Ghana High Commission in London and New York

lTrade Union Congress

lFarmers Council

lWorkers Brigade

lNew Army Headquarters in Ho, Sunyani, Bolgatanga, and Takoradi


lCompulsory Fee Free Education for all

lPrimary and Middle Schools in all Villages and Hamlets

lSecondary Schools in all Regions and Districts

lPolytechnics And Technical Schools For All Regions;

lUniversity Of Legon Upgrading

lKwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute

lGhana Medical School

lCape Coast University

lKwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi

lNational Cultural Centre <디Ɣ>Kumasi

lScholarships For Ghanaians To Study Abroad


lFree Medical Care For all

lKomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, <디Ɣ>Kumasi

In exile

lConakry when he realised he was not able to come back after coup and betrayal

lSpent his time writing and spread his ideological influence around the world

lFound common cause with lots more people who went to visit for inspiration

lWrote a lot of his political ideological books

lInspired a lot of younger Diaspora politicians


lIll in Conakry

lTaken to Bucharest – Ghana government was scared to allow him to be brought home to die

lDied in Bucharest

lBuried in Guinea and in Ghana and in Nkroful and now at the mausoleum that Rawlings built

lDid not see children after he was exiled



lTowards Colonial Freedom

lAfrica Must Unite

lChallenge of the Congo

lNeo-Colonialism the Last stage of Imperialism

l Consciencism

lClass Struggle in Africa

lDark Days in Ghana

lGhana: The Autobiography of

lI Speak of Freedom

lRevolutionary Path

lRhodesia File Kwame

l The Struggle Continues

lVoice from Conakry

lSeveral books have been written about him


Nkrumah never Dies

l100 years after his birth, he stands head and shoulders about all African statesmen

lHis vision lives on after his death

lHe is being honoured everywhere after demonization by the west

lHe has inspired too many people

lHis brand of

Social justice

Self determination and


lNkrumah never dies

WordPower 2009 © – Ade Sawyerr 25.10.09






























































































































































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