Leave immigration alone for once!!!!

Leave Immigration alone for once!!!!!!!

I thought that this election would be fought on the principles, philosophies, and policies that would make Britain a better place and speed up the recovery after the bankers led us into the deepest recession ever in 70 years. I have been proved wrong already. Instead dealing with how to mend the economy, get businesses thriving and get jobs going again, we are being treated to the old tired political arguments; on the same old battle grounds of Defence, Europe and Immigration.

So how does the whole £100 billion Trident nuclear system affect me if it will not and cannot be used? How and whom does it make me safe from? Iran? China? Why do the Chinese need to fight us when they are already whipping us in what matters, the economy. Will Trident or its replacement prevent anyone of us in Britain from being killed in fight previously known as the “Global War on Terror“? Is the nuclear deterrent, the best use of our taxes?

Three Dog Race. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

There is a Commonwealth and Britons now all live under the European Union so it should not be a surprise that Europe always comes up in election campaigns. But the arguments seem so bizarre to me. Should we keep the pound, cede our sovereignty, get more for our disproportionate financial contribution or maintain the façade of playing second fiddle to France and Germany in Europe. So what, if a few laws that benefit people in Eastern Europe are imposed on us? Will it be such a big deal if Russia decides to join Europe? Incidentally the same people who are proud Eurosceptics and claim that the Commonwealth does not serve the “British” interest well enough, are also the staunchest believers in NATO.

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Using the courts to persecute political opponents is wrong

Using the courts to persecute political opponents is wrong – Ade Sawyerr

Hardly a day goes by without news that some NDC youth have exercised their democratic right to demonstrate somewhere against someone or the other.

Soon after the elections that brought this NDC government to power, is was about government bungalows being wrongly appropriated by the opposition NPP, then it extended to government vehicles and cars, but recently it has degenerated into activism against appointments of the President John Atta Mills at different levels: local, regional and national.

What may have started as youthful demonstration of support for their party has turned into thuggery of the most disgraceful type, which if not checked, will continue to embarrass the government. In some of these cases the complaints are very strange, that their DCE is giving contracts to the other side and that not enough of members of their party are benefitting from jobs irrespective of whether they have the qualifications or not, in other cases it is about the slow pace of the government in persecuting members of the opposition and yet in other cases is about the removal of someone or the other for accusations of corruption.

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Is the failure of Ghana due to the failure of Achimota School?

Is the failure of Ghana due to the failure of Achimota School?

There is an old African saying that you do not use your left hand father’s house no matter how dilapidated it is, so what do you do if you want to make fair comment on your alma mater? Maybe you just make the point and ask others to disprove it.

I have been having a discussion with a friend about the future of Ghana and how we can move forward as nation to fulfil Nkrumah’s dream of an independent country. After he had posed the question to another friend, he came back to tell me that the failure of Ghana to achieve economic, social and cultural independence must be directly attributed to the failure of Achimota School to fully live up to the expectation of why it was set up.

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