A TRIBUTE – Samuel Okuley Glover – Founder Accra Great Olympics

I am privileged to have been asked to pay this tribute to a man who I considered a legend in his own lifetime, a man who I greatly respected because he gave us one of the greatest football clubs in Ghana, Accra Great Olympics. I stand here today representing all members of AGOSU, Accra Great Olympics Supporters Union in the diaspora.

On this day of this Memorial and Thanksgiving Service, we must also celebrate the life of this hero of ours who lived a very long, full and accomplished life, full of excellence in its differing aspects and yet retaining all the humility of a modest man.

I cannot say that I was present at the time the club was formed, I had been born then but was nowhere near the hierarchy; what I can say though is that I knew the man, I knew him as a great uncle as well as the patron of a football club of which I am a passionate if not fanatical supporter. He was the single reason why in our house, amongst all the supporters of another Accra Club, my brother Tom and myself were the only, but most vociferous supporters of Accra Great Olympics, the wonder Club of Ghana.

The vision that he had to form a club out of adversity is a testament of his foresight; for the players at the time, I am told that Accra Great Olympics was a solace away from the dictatorial nature of the club they left, Accra Standfast. Oly stood for democracy, the views of the players were respected as were the contribution of the supporters. But the torch of Olympics will continue to burn from year to year as an icon of a great club founded under principles of democratic decision making.

The man I knew was not only a gentleman, he was known for his sartorial elegance as befitting a master tailor who not only dressed men but was also a sharp dresser himself. He was a disciplinarian who was however prepared to listen before making decisions, he loved sports and his goodwill pervaded all the sporting activities that he was involved in, and he sponsored a lot of activities. This showed his selfless devotion and his dedication not only to the sports but to the men and women who participated in the sports.

His faith in the good of human beings was unshakeable, he provided a lot of people with jobs, and his trust in the Lord endured and lasted through to the ripe old age that he lived to.

Cometh the hour cometh the man! – truly great men seize their opportunity and in 1954, S.O. you proved to everybody that you were a man of mettle by putting your money where your mouth is to form this Great Club. We thank you for this Football Club that has gone through its fair share of problems but still endures.

In future when the history of sports in Ghana is properly written, your name will shine as one of the great legends in their lifetimes. Your spirit carries on in Olympics;- the Great club you founded lives on. Oly Dade, Gbogbo, Wonder Club.

S.O. SO G.O. GO, May you rest in perfect peace in the Lord.

Ade Sawyerr

London, September 1997

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