23rd September 1960 – Achimota School

23rd September 1960

50 years ago today, on 23rd of September 1960 I entered Achimota School for the first time as a student. The only other time I had been to the school was as a pupil of Accra Newtown Experimental School for my interviews.

Accra New Town Experimental School had been a lot of hard work. This was an experimental school like no other. The concept of accelerated education had been introduced in the early 1950s and I was fortunate to have been in the third batch of students who benefited. This was a school that Nkrumah built to ensure that secondary school was possible for Ghanaians after 6 years of primary education, in my case 5 years because I had been ’jumped a year’ at Accra United the previous school that I attended at Adedenkpo. This school that Nkrumah built has been killed off by successive administrations and even beneficiaries of this school who sit in government are not prepared to do anything about it. I will have to go after them and shame them,

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A few words at the opening of the EverYoung: James Barnor Photographic Exhibition:

EverYoung: James Barnor Photographic Exhibition:
Rivington Place London EC2A 3BA
17 September – 27 November 2010

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I feel honoured that Mr. Barnor considers me such a good friend that he has allowed me to say a few words at this long awaited formal exhibition of his lifetime works.

I know that he has been on a journey of creativity and this exhibition boldly attests to that; I also know that the journey has been long as you can tell by his 81 years though filled with many happy memories and achievements.  He tells me that he has been influenced by several people none as much as his old school master at Bishop Boys school, Mr AQ Acheampong.  The journey had taken him from his apprenticeship with Mr Dodoo, his setting up of Everyoung Studios in Jamestown, British Accra, His work with Daily Graphic and Drum Magazine, his studies at Medway College in Kent, his establishment of Agfa Gaveart’s first colour studio in Ghana, his work with the United States Information Services and the Castle the seat of government in Ghana.

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