Shame on you Carlton Cole

3 thoughts on “Shame on you Carlton Cole

  1. Who is the racist? I would suggest you are for your snide questioning of the existence of my ethnicity in order to push forward your own political and social agenda. It’s English not ‘English’. I am English whether people like you like it or not, nothing you will ever say, no wishful thinking will make that change.

  2. So your son is so integrated and at home in my land that he wears a Ghana shirt? and you wonder why the English people(and yes we do exist) are starting to question the whole multi culti dream.

  3. Sorry, but I think some people need to lighten up! I thought Carlton’s joke was funny. Hardly original – I’ve heard it before in other contexts, but a black man making jokes about other blacks. So he could equally have been the butt of his own joke. Perhaps not a ‘clever’ joke to post on twitter considering his high profile, and I can see why the FA might come down on him.

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