Of Chiefs, Drumming, Dancing , Fufu and Culture

By Gilbert Nii-Okai Addy


I’ve just been looking at these pictures ( clink on the link above ) from the Chicago GhanaFest a week or two ago; said to be the biggest pan-Ghanaian cultural festival outside Ghana.

I just could not help wondering why on earth so many Ghanaians seem so psychologically and emotionally tethered to this increasingly anachronistic and indeed nonsensical chieftaincy institution. There mare now so many  traditional  “”Chiefs” outside Ghana – that they may one day rival in number those within Ghana itself.  Culture is never static and I am not sure these symbols of ethnicity and ethnic division really do advance our modern interests as a nation in any way at all.
I have never been able to understand just how and why chieftaincy is or should be regarded as the bedrock of Ghanaian culture. I am a Ga – and  proud one at that, I got a very good grade in it at GCE “O” level and so , in terms of grammar and literature , i probably know the language as well as or even perhaps than most people who speak it , and do colloquially. I have an interest in the history – and future of the Ga and indeed other peoples of Ghana. Continue reading “Of Chiefs, Drumming, Dancing , Fufu and Culture”

Should Africa be scared of the Chinese exploration?

Should Africa be scared of the Chinese exploration? [1.5217391304348]

Should Africa be scared of the Chinese exploration?

Submitted 4 Aug 2011 11:40am

Ade Sawyerr, one of Britain’s foremost African thinkers gives an insight to an emerging relationship between African countries and the Chinese Republic. Should Africa now look East and abandon the long standing albeit rocky relationship with the West. Ade informs.

David Cameron’s speech in Nigeria included a warning for Africa to be cautious in their dealing with China and a suggestion that the authoritarian capitalism model adopted by the Chinese was not sustainable and will not help in the development of Africa. Continue reading “Should Africa be scared of the Chinese exploration?”