Has Samia Come To Save Or Bury The CPP?

by  Ekow Nelson

The overwhelming victory of Samia Nkrumah in the national executive elections at the recent Extraordinary CPP Congress was both an emphatic repudiation of the ‘old guard’ and an affirmation of the deep affection her father Osageyfo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah continues to enjoy among party members. But will this symbolic and substantive shift at the top help restore the fortunes of the CPP and make it a relevant actor in Ghana’s politics?

In my open letter after her victory in the 2008 parliamentary elections, I urged Hon. Samia Nkrumah to do all she could to avoid the charge of having used her constituency as a transit lounge to her leadership ambitions. Over time, I advised, “when you have established yourself as an accomplished member of parliament and legislator, the executive leadership of the party will pass on to you and I hope that like Sonia Ghandi you will help lead the CPP back into power as she did India’s Congress Party. I am sure you can do it but that won’t be for a few years yet.” I wish I could say I was prescient but it is now clear that the party could not wait as long as I had imagined when I wrote that piece. Continue reading “Has Samia Come To Save Or Bury The CPP?”