Ghana’s day of shame – 24th February 1966

Ghana’s day of shame – 24th February 1966

  <b>Ghana's day of shame - 24th February 1966</b>

Thirty six years ago**, a civilian government in Ghana was subverted by military and police adventurers. These men had been aided by the US intelligence forces, who had nothing to offer our dear country Ghana. Their only interest was to destabilise a peaceful and democratically elected government and they did not really know what they were starting.
The reward, for us Ghanaians for this act of sabotage, was the start of a vicious pattern that we have found it very difficult to recover from. Thirty six years later we are back to the pre-colonial period in our development.
The vision of the greatest leader Africa has ever has was in tatters derailed by a foreign superpower using self seeking Ghanaian accomplices.
I was a young man then, studying for my GCE ‘O’ Levels, a member of the young pioneers movement and learning the basics of leadership and civics with the movement, looking forward to a political career in future where I would be in a position to serve my country.
History has shown us that the coup d’etat was unnecessary and devious. Those who were the willing tools of American imperialism were so myopic that they could even think through the train of events that they had unleashed. All they cared for was in wishing to be heads of states as events that unfolded revealed. Continue reading “Ghana’s day of shame – 24th February 1966”