6th March 1957 – Independence Day Ghana * – what about the future for Ghana@60?

Mrs Sophia Araba Sawyerr being introduced to The Duchess o Kent at Independence with my father J. Ade Sawyerr

6th March 1957 – Independence Day Ghana – what about the future?

*Published 5 years ago and being republished for the Ghana@60 anniversary

I was not yet seven years old and only in Class 3, but there is no fog around the events of the day, I remember it as vividly as if it had taken place  yesterday and have more than once retraced my steps on the route I took on that day.  I was in my well pressed Cyto khaki-khaki uniform and I carried a new Ghanaian flag and of course I wore the new ‘Clark sandals’ that my father had bought from Lennards the shoe shop. That week was a memorable one for all of us since my late sister had to present a bouquet at one of the functions and my parents as I recalled were personally introduced to the Duchess of Kent, the Queen’s representative at Independence. I was too young to be present at the Old Polo grounds to usher in the day but my school has been selected to take part in the march past and I can remember marching all the way from Accra United Primary School at Adedenkpo for the main event of the morning.  Back at school in the afternoon the festivities ensued.  I was also presented with an Independence cup to show for my efforts! We had ‘Portello’ and the usual biscuits but this was not like the old Empire Day that we used to celebrate because we were all given some chocolate.   Poor me, I tasted a bit to get my palate adjusted to it, put the rest in my pocket and it had all melted by the time I got back home.

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