What is Christianity?

I was searching through a file my late father kept for me when i started secondary school. It included in the main receipts for payments that he had made during the period of the sixties and also my less than impressive school reports, a source of much aggravation during the holiday period when he sought to ground me and further pay for me to have extra classes.
I had retrieved this file from the family home the last time i traveled back home. i was surprised that there was a manuscript of a book dating back to the late 1930s that Mr EA Ammah the major authority on Ga culture had put together. I suspect that he must have been asked to review it.
I reproduce the document here for information. Scanning foolscap to A4 is not an easy task at all and it has taken me the best part of the morning to scan these 23 pages.
It is a long read, but it it a good read if you are interested in the vexed question of how the missionaries and the educated Ga sought to trample on our customs in the name of Christianity.
What comes across is that there was a conspiracy of sorts that in order for the word of Christ to be spread among the natives, it was important to turn their educated away from their culture. Sadly the same is happening today with several men of God of different sects, titles and hierarchies pronouncing on the culture of our people.
Mr EA Ammah was bold enough in 1939 to take them on in relation to our festivals and the Homowo.
I hope that other scholarly tracts would surface to inform this debate.
I also think that organisations such as Gadangme Nikasemo Asafo should bring a certain urgency to the work and help preserve some of these tracts for posterity.
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6 thoughts on “What is Christianity?

  1. This document could not have surfaced at an appropriate time more than this. In this season of truth… I personally wish to express my sincere gratitude; that yes indeed…the hour has arrived; our ” Ascension” of some sorts not only for Ga-Dangbe culture in particular but for all Afrikan/ Edenic cultures in general. We must distance ourselves from the idea of Christian worship period. It’s objective has been to enslave and undermine our very existence thus the Afrikan continent dilemma and predicament. Christianity is the most pagan rooted worship on this planet…do the research. Why have we as a people allowed ourselves and all our cultures to be demonized?…but that has been the approach; where ever it went, the cultures of te indegens had to be demonized for it to take root. Examine the response of the Scottish secretary…Mr.H.H.G. MacMillan..he couldn’t come out to answer the simple question and the arrogance he exemplified. We need to realize that we Ga- Dangbe are descendants/ascedants of the ancient 12 tribes of Israel. Ascendants because yes indeed such documents come to spark the conversation that we should be engage in because it’s time.The book of Leviticus the 23 chapter talks about all the festivals that we should be observing..verse 9 through 14 is the Homowo festival…consider verse 13; look at the discription given to the meal that is prepared…isn’t that Kpekpoi? There is therefore more that we should be engaging in if we are Israelites. We should be redefining a whole lot of things within the culture doing away with all that do not serve us since life is dynamic.Christianity is European Nationalism and that’s that! Let’s therefore humble ourselves and ask the creator Yehowah to inspire and guide us as we seek to reconcile with Him/Her in this season of TRUTH because christianity has not and will never serve our interest as a people…it only serves the agenda of it’s originators. It’s a blessing for us to be in the captivity ( Aborad) to realize and see our beloved continent from afar and to be filled with the spirit of “exodus” to impact and affect the subsequent generation. Shalom!!!

    Victor PaaTi. Kuma.

  2. Dear Readers,
    Yes, it may be a fact that Christianity emanated from western culture but the book of life(BIBLE) is the TRUTH! Nothing else but the TRUTH. The westerners didn’t force us to worship GOD through Christ JESUS, No! We examined the doctrine of the Bible and firmly believed it is the Truth.
    Let you worship any other god or spirit, the name of JESUS has been tried and tested; It superceeds all other names both in Heaven and on Earth. Christianity is not a Tradition, it’s a Religion that any race can follow because we believe Jesus is one and for all.
    Shalom -Peace and Life to You.

  3. All this talk about Christianity being a tool for European cultural imperialism is to say the least laughable. Ok, what is the situation of most Afrixan nations or peoples who were never affected by this conspiracy? Travel to any village in Ghana, and you will see vestiges of the Christian faith, Schools, hospitals, training colleges etc that has contributed to the human development needs of our people. What have those portraying cultural and traditional independence and purity got to show? Let us stop this hypocrisy and blame games. Afterall, we need still go to most of these so called imperialists, cap in hand; at the slighests discomfort.And the last time l checked, Ade Sawyer sounds more Nigerian than Ghanain

    1. I second you Rev. Sometimes some pple get confused and start blaming everything in their life! Jesus Christ is the truth and the only GOD to worship for eternity. Jesus is LORD.

  4. What I find intriguing (for too many years to count) is that many in this kind of debate (not syaing here) often fail to remember that Christianity and its roots actually began in Africa and then continued to burst through with the spreading of the gospel (by the Apostles) in Asia Minor. I always marvel when deceptively people try to distract by stating that Christianity is not an African and Middlle Eastern/ Asia Minor based belief system.

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