Festival 2012 – Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem


Festival 2012 – Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem


Sponsors for the celebration

Shanco Bruce, Esther Lamptey, Diana Aryeetey, Nii Nortei Omaboe, Ben Aryeetey, Mr Victor & Mrs Cecelia Ativor, Ade Sawyerr,  Patience Tagoe, John Quao, Diana Affutu-Nartey, Joe Adama, S.A Doku, Julie Lutterrodt, Comfort. Clottey,  Sarah Worburton, Elizabeth Tetteh, Diana Nartey, Jennifer Quaye, Stanley Allotey   Julie  Glover, Barbara Quarco, Rosemond  Sutherland


The entire membership of the GaDangme Nikasemo Asafo wish to express their sincere appreciation to the following for their contribution for the day;  Joe Boy & Friends  Band , and the ladies who prepared the food.

This celebration has been only possible through the voluntary contributions and donations by individuals.  We thank all those who have contributed in some way to the success of the day.  We also thank in advance those who could not send in their donations before today but are willing to contribute. We gladly welcome your donation.  The bulk of the donations and proceeds from the raffle will be devoted to the running of the Language and Saturday Schools to be restarted.

Future Plans

This coming year, we have set ourselves some targets outside our cultural and artistic objectives.  These include:

  • The establishment of an after-School club.
  • The beginning of a Saturday supplementary school.
  • The establishment of a youth club.
  • The establishment of a Befriending Society for the  elderly

We can only achieve these objectives with your support in joining in with celebrations and in offering contributions towards our cause.


(Educational, Cultural and Welfare society)

Registered Charity No.  1056912




Annual Celebration

of the

GaDangme People of Ghana

Saturday 22 September 2012

Lavender Children’s Centre, Lavender Park Pavilion

Steers Mead,

Mitcham, Surrey, CR4 3HL

3.30pm – 11.00pm


4:00 Soobii Arrival of guests
4:30 Start of Festival Procession
4:45 Solemo Opening Prayer
4: 50 Cultural Music
5:00 Shitswaa ke Dzoomo Libation
5:20 Kogbamo ke Nishwamo Sprinkling of Kpokpoi
5: 40 Cultural Music and Drumming
6:15 Kpokpoi Yeli The feast
7:30 Welcome and Fundraising
8:20 Noo Wala ke shiwoo Thanksgiving
9:00 Music and Dancing Highlife Music  & Dancing
10:00 Raffle Draw
10:15 Music and Dancing
11.00 Close


The Festival

The Homowo-Asafotufiam-Nmaayem is the main annual festival of the GaDangme people.  It is cultural, historical, and religious and also represents the harvest as well as the start of our New Year.  GaDangme Nikasemo Asafo tries to celebrate this festival to bring out all the different art forms which make this festival worthy of attending.  We still rely on your voluntary contributions.


Aims and objectives

  • The learning of the GaDangme languages in Britain especially amongst the children born in the UK and to organise the teaching of the GaDangme language to interested persons.
  • The learning and dissemination of information on the Ga Dangme history, language, religion, culture and traditions and to provide a forum for the exchange of views and interpretations of our practices.
  • The observance of our customs and traditional practices and to organise the celebration of our main festivals.
  • To promote the welfare of all GaDangme people.

Traditional Practices and Customs

Individual members of the organisation are still called on to assist with the vital customs that mark us out as a people; be it at birth, in marriage or at death, we are at hand to provide support.

Language School

Perhaps the most important activity that we undertake is the Language school.  This is endowed by voluntary contributions from individuals who are interested in the children or spouses learning our language and grant from The London Community Foundation.  The language school is held on Saturdays, every wee k.  For more information please contact Nii Nortei Omaboe- 0794745 3034.


Monthly meetings are held at the St Mark’s Church, Rowfant Rd.  London SW12.

The meetings take place every Second Saturday of the month at 6.30 p.m.

For more information, contact.

The Chairman,  21 Stockport Road SW16 5XE

Email nikasemoasafo@gmail.com

Web: http://gadangmenikasemoasafo.wordpress.com/

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