My friend John Addae Hammond is no more!



John Hammond was my friend, a long association from his first day at University in 1969, when we met.

He introduced all of us to our travel agency business Afro-Asian; he had come to England in 1973 to work for the company; he welcomed me on several occasions when I came for holidays in London in the 1970s, he welcomed me again when I finally relocated in 1980.  He was on hand again in 1983 when I moved over to London from Manchester where I had studied and I perched with him for a full year during the period when I was setting up in my business.

John was a good friend and I cannot recollect our ever quarrelling though we had several disagreements over several issues.  John was a fine gentleman with a wonderful and elegant turn of phrase who amused all around with his good sense of humour, he was a bon vivant who held the soul of any party.

John had attended Accra Academy from 1961 to 1968 before going on the University to read Linguistics from which he graduated in 1972.  He worked in Accounting and Taxation after he left Afro Asian.

I wished him a happy birthday on his 65th birthday last month when he was in hospital, he last spoke to me two weeks ago before he went into a coma.  Last night he passed away!

 His wife Margaret and his daughter Pamela survive him

In the words of the hymn – Ebenezer

Mishee ke amane

Esuomo yeor ebua wor

Soumo ke solemo, sa ake

Workefaa gbe nee

Hewo nyehaa woke mishee

Asumua Nyorgmo

Koni ke wogboi le

Kristo abu wor Mantse fai

 Joe Dee, Johnny, Fu Manchu, Addae Fante, The last time when we all held hands as our good friend Adjei prayed in the hospital, we did not know that this would be the outcome, but we continue to trust in the lord that he has taken you to a better place.

 Yaa wo ojogbann


10 thoughts on “My friend John Addae Hammond is no more!

  1. I am so sorry to hear. I do not believe I saw him again after we left Legon. May he rest in peace. Paatii

  2. Dear Ade

    This must have touched you so deeply .. perhaps a timely reminder of what life is all about … for all our courage and achievements we have to look for another reason to explain why these things do happen … i am sure your ‘guilt overwhelms you’ Psalm 38 for you wish you had helped in other ways more than just a *happy birthday * My sincere sympathy


  3. So sad to hear of John’s passing. I retain fond memories of our younger days in the 70’s at Landor Road in Clapham.
    RIP John.


  4. John was my first brother in law and i feel very sad about his passing. I remember him as considerate and kind and admired his deep insights about things most people take for granted. I owe him a ton of gratitude for helping me settle as a student in London in the mid 1970’s. I stayed with him and my sister and saw him as my big brother – not forgetting his great humour and tell tales. I learnt a lot from him about life and his positive attitude to work. I hope John walk home in triumph and may he rest in perfect peace.

  5. Johnny was my elder brother’s friend during his Legon days. I remember vividly his tribute in 1997 to my late brother; OGA BENNY as they fondly called him. I admired Bro. Johnny so much and always wished to follow his foot steps to go to Legon which happened a few years after he left Ghana for Britain. He was a great man, an example worth emulating by every young person that came into contact with him. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

  6. This really brought back memories for me, though my association with John was not nearly as long as any of you I looked up to John as a Mentor and a true Gent who I shared a pint with on occasion and worked next to, I met John in 2004 when I was in my early 20s and joined HMRC, John helped me greatly and I always benefited from his wisdom and his distinctive booming voice and laugh, I worked closely with him for nearly 5 years and then stayed in touch after I left. I had only spoken to John from hospital over the phone a few weeks before he passed. I was very sad he passed away and will be missed.

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