A Ga New Year Greeting


Afi oo Afi
Afi naa akpe wɔ
Kpaanyɔ anina wɔ
Wɔ fee momoo
Wɔ ye Gbo, wɔ ye Gbiena
Alonte diŋ ko akafo wɔteŋ
Ni wɔsεε afi lε wɔ tashi neke noŋŋ
Ni wɔsεε afi le ehi eha wo fe neke
Ni nyemi afee nyemi
Ni afi aya ni ebanina wɔ ekoŋ

Tswa ni omanye abla wɔ!

…. and the imperfect English translation!

Hail to the New year
May we live to see the end of the New Year
May the eighth day meet with us
So that we are as good as new
May we celebrate the Gbo festival of September and the Gbeina festival of May
Let no black cat, a symbol of evi,l cross our paths
And let us be around to sit together in the next year
and that we may be more prosperous
Bound with sisterly and brotherly love
As the year goes round to meet us again
That when we strike may glory surround us

5 thoughts on “A Ga New Year Greeting

  1. Happy New year to you and your readers.

    It is my understanding that Ga and Dangme chiefs DO NOT, by tradition wear gold jewery or gold crown. This, I understand is the tradition of the kings or chiefs of the Ashanti Kingdom. The Ashantehene wears these gold crowns and jeweries to show the wealth of the kingdom over which he reigns. Is that right??

  2. Naadutse, Indeed you are right! But have you ever attended a Joint Gadangme Homowo celebration in London where all manner of invited chiefs and sub chiefs adorn themselves in gold?

    An important part of our prayer for the Ga Mantse is rendered as
    Osa tso ko osa nyanyara – which is why the only adornment fitting for the Ga Mantse is the nyanyara leaves around his neck.

    But remember that though my appellation is Oberserber – absence of armulets and such like, as a pretender to the LagosTown stool, i have the liberty of my own adornment.

    Happy New Year to you

  3. If this ocassion in african tradition is afi then what is homowo. There must be a conflict of traditions here.

  4. Ekow. I suspect that we are allowed a certain dualism in our lives. It is all around us in what we do. our institutions have benefited from the interaction and we are the better for it if only we can exploit and adapt. so come the Homowɔ, expect my new year greetings again. How loudly is our cockerel crowing? I am yet to be kept fully in the loop both in London and Accra

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