An open letter to the African electorate – Ade Sawyerr

An open letter to the African electorate*

18-million-expected-to-vote-in-south-african-electionsThe power to effect political change in Africa has always rested in the hands of the African people. How this power has been used in the past has been based on the African view of democracy. Several leaders in Africa, who led their countries into independence, failed to deliver economic freedom, other have even been found to be corrupt and oppressive and yet others have stayed on in power beyond their usefulness to their countries through the manipulation of the electoral system. It however now the time for the African people to adopt a modernist view about democracy and start using their powers to elect leaders capable of delivering good governance. Democratic systems of government with the right structures and strictures will deliver good governance. Good governance is desirable, equitable and facilitates development and progress for all the people in the country, engenders good health, education and social harmony, protects them from disorder and incursions from other states, and promotes economic growth and prosperity.

The most objective and modern system for selecting the most suitable people to rule a country in a republican democracy is through elections. The road to good governance therefore begins with an election. It is for the people to critically evaluate candidates against a framework and subject them to rigorous analysis. Elections need, political parties, party policies, principles and philosophies, promotion and propaganda of these policies and above all personalities that will stand for election. Continue reading “An open letter to the African electorate – Ade Sawyerr”