An intergenerational conversation that you will not want to miss!

clip_image002The way forward

An invitation to African and Caribbean elders, adults and young people to come together in a creative space for conversation, reflection and to find new ways of building a thriving African Diaspora community in the UK

With pleasure we invite you to a unique and exciting day of intergenerational dialogue and creative thinking to explore some of the key questions facing our community.

This so much more than just another ‘talking shop’!

You will meet liked minded ‘action-orientated’ people of all ages with whom you can start to create bold, new ideas which could be used to support our young people, our growing population of elders and a new generation of leader-facilitators.

You will also network with members of the emerging Ubele community, and, if you are interested, there will be opportunities to join us.

When? Saturday 14th September, 10.00am (sharp) – 4.00pm


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