How can the brain drain be turned into a brain gain – Ade Sawyerr

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How can the brain drain be turned into a brain gain – Ade Sawyerr


Ever since the 2011 census figures were released there has been some much talk of immigration.  The talk has now turned toxic as one minister in government puts it and some of think that this probably is the time to have an intelligent debate on the issue devoid of the unreasoned emotion and noise of political prejudice.

No one wants to focus on the positive aspects of the contribution of immigrants to the diversity of the often drab British life, or the great moves towards integration and the enrichment of the British culture.  No one complained that Britain was a small island when its empire spanned the world and it had dominion over all and sundry, but now that only a small proportion of that empire wants to come to Britain suddenly everyone is complaining about the size of the island and the fact that the whole…

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