26th October 2014 – Come worship with London Gadangme Speaking Fellowship (URC)

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Whilst I work on my piece on why I profess Christianity, i continue to grapple with the conflicts  between the Western culture, the medium for the propagation of Christianity and our own culture and how with time some of the more difficult issues will be resolved despite the strident attitde of some sects that find everything that is Gadangme culture as being against Christianity.

But today I am emboldened to invite all of you who read this blog to come and worship with us at the London Gadaangme Speaking Fellowship  (URC) to join us as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary

The service starts at 2.30 prompt and will be held at our regular church place.

St Andrews Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing W5 2RS


Please be there and now let me share the prophetic words that i wrote some 10 years ago after the first service


9343First ever Gadangme Church Service in London

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  • ade@sawyerr.homechoice.co.uk
    Oct 24 9:52 PM

Having arrived late at a Church Service does not put me in a position to adequately report about what went on, but since reverend Kotey Sanniez saw it fit to summarise the sermon given by Reverend Odonkor for us, I feel that it is not entirely out of place for me to report on the first ever church service organised by GaDangme people in London as their effort towards worshipping God and putting ourselves yet in place again to do something about our fellowship and our community.

 A lot of us were gathered at St Andrews Church on Mount Park Road in Ealing W5 to sing praises to God in Gadangme for his gracious keeping and whilst I could not really do justice to the apostles creed in the Ga language, I am confident that in as much as I could practice it, I would by the end of the year be able to say my prayers in Ga kronn.

 I must thank those who make the service possible, Rev Odonkor and Reverend Sanniez and the many Gadangme people who were gathered to see this first.  I was impressed by the song by the Abokobi community; they seemed rehearsed and had a choirmaster in place.   One could clearly see though that the members of Gadangme Nikasemo Asafo were struggling in the rendition of the two songs they provided.  I hope that they attend more singing practice to ensure that the next time their song will ring with resounding melody.

 An important corner has been turned in Britain today.  The report may not appear on BBC or on Ghanaweb – it may be more far reaching because a determined people are once again prepared to assert themselves in the course of something they believe in the start of a broad church of those interested in using the medium of their language to worship God.  Who knows that the language will once again become the lingua franca of our homeland.  Such determined steps will be applauded one day and history will judge that the effort that has been made today will yield dividends and benefits.

 Osofo Nii Noi Odonkor and Osaofo Kote Sanniez, nye yiwala donn


and some pictures from the first service – 1 years ago

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