Will Theresa May’s Election Gamble Backfire?

Like education where most are resisting too many tests, are we not in danger of having too many elections that decide nothing? Northern Ireland just had an inclusive election, in May there are local government elections and some mayoral elections and then this. Why does she need a fresh mandate to run the country when she already has one. Well could this just be that she is trying to sort out her party – that there are people = the bastards, who may just be challenging her un-elected authority just as Brown was challenged till he finally lost his election when it came up. Like someone suggests denying Scottish referendum vote but going to the people in England is a bit hypocritical when she should be concentrating on delivering the Brexit that she promised. she had bargained on losing the one seat she has in Scotland to gaining more seats in the labour heartland s of the north but i think that the Brexiteers of the north would rather give their vote to UKIP than to the Tories who campaign for Remain. which ever way she might end up being yet another Tory Prime Minister who succumbed to the the curse of Europe,


Ekow  Nelson

Fresh on the heels of Turkey’s referendum, British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to have taken a leaf out of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s strategy and has suddenly decided to go to the country for more legislative room to negotiate Brexit on her own terms, without much hindrance or opposition. But will this work? Or has she awakened a sleeping and demoralised ‘Remain Giant’ that had all but given up on the inevitability of so-called hard Brexit?

Up until recently, the Prime Minister argued strenuously that there was no need to legitimise her position, which she assumed without an explicit vote by the electorate after the resignation of David Cameron. But apparently, after a ponderous reflection over the long Easter weekend, she decided it was right after all to seek a mandate for her programme and her interpretation of Brexit.

She had insisted that “Brexit meant Brexit” without explaining exactly what…

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