Proposed Founders Day is based on historical fiction

As usual, very well written and argued addition to the debate. Maybe the issue will never be resolved but that would be a real shame – countries must move forward together, nations must not be polarised and states will attain maturity. A principled approach is needed at all times and rewriting of history serves no purpose at all. The history of a nation is what happened not what one would have wished to have happened.


Ekow Nelson

Last week the President sought to put the obsessive debate raging over the placement of the apostrophe in ‘Founders Day’ to rest. And he did so, like his immediate two predecessors, by authorising 21st September as a public holiday in honour of Ghana’s first Prime Minister and President while at the same time indicating his intention to seek legislation to declare August 4th Founders Day to commemorate the founding of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) in 1947.

Ghana already has a Founders Day called 6th March 1957 when the country came into being, so one wonders why we need another one. Far from settling the issue, this latter move runs the risk of reinforcing the perception that the President and his henchmen are pre-occupied with revising Ghana’s history to bolster the reputation of Dr JB Danquah.

Macaulay revisited

In his contribution to the debate on…

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