Why Obama represents a totally new breed of black politicians

Why Obama represents a totally new breed of black politicians

voice-logoBY Ade Sawyer


Will Senator Barack Obama win the Democratic Party nomination, and go on to become the first black president of the United States?

It does not matter whether he wins or not, because his performance to date in the Democratic primaries has highlighted the fact that

there are several black politicians who are holding high office in America, and have the power to change things.

Like Obama, they have done it in a different way. They are not seeking justice for black people with anger, or protest. They are not expressing grievance about the state of race equality, or complaining about victimisation, or making symbolic gestures for, whilst seeking endorsement from, the black community.

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Business & Finance –

 22nd- 28th May 2000 West Africa


Ade Sawyerr continues his look at what African community organisations can do to get their houses in order

ANY successful organisation has a strongly developed quality assurance system, a democratic structure, a growing membership and an approach that pursues development projects based on need. It has a constitution or defined set of rules to guide its operations. Everyone is kept informed through the correct channels, through attending meetings and ensuring that agenda papers are sent on time, minutes are kept and monthly accounts are rendered.

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The State of Race Equality in London – Is the cup half full or is it half empty?

The State of Race Equality in London – Is the cup half full or is it half empty?

By Maxine James and Ade Sawyerr of Equinox Consulting


Eight years after the passing of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and despite several government initiatives at national, regional and local levels, the people of London still have no comprehensive information on how the implementation of the Act has worked to address and reverse the critical state of race equality in the capital city.

There are still glaring inequalities in the private, public, community and voluntary sectors that are out of place in an advanced country such as Britain; especially in London where people of Asian, Caribbean and African descent represent almost a third (29%) of the capital’s total population. Persistent inequalities in political representation, health, education, employment, housing, transport and the criminal justice system impact on the lives of these people on a daily basis affecting their basic needs.

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 placed general and specific duties on public bodies to (a) eliminate unlawful race discrimination, (b) promote equality of opportunity between persons of racial groups and (c) promote good relations between persons of different racial groups. But in reality the years since these ideals were conceived seems to have produced no discernable impact on these inequalities. This suggests that either race equality initiatives are not working as anticipated or the law does not provide strong enough sanctions to discourage individuals and organisations from breaking the law.

In this article we intend to provide a compilation of race inequality data to highlight that despite what may be seen as gains in race relations there is still a need for further action. We believe that the authorities must show leadership and undertake and through concerted action with several organisations signal to the Asian, Caribbean and African communities that their own contributions are in tune with what the political leaders of London want to achieve.

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Essay: Will I ever join the Labour Party?

Essay: Will I ever join the Labour Party?

23 01 2008

TMP asked Ade Sawyerr what it would take to get him to join the Labour Party.  Here he explains what Gordon Brown will need to do to seduce him.

What would it take for me to join the Labour Party in the UK? Surprisingly, it would take a lot of persuasion from Gordon Brown the current leader; this is because I have not seen much difference between the policies of the Labour Party and those of the Conservative Party.

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