Integrating equalities – will it ever work for race?

Integrating equalities – will it ever work for race?

Eight years after the passage of the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000, most people of African, Caribbean and Asian origin in this country face discrimination on a wide scale and still suffer racial disadvantage in education, housing, health, employment and enterprise. Too many African and Caribbean people are over represented in the criminal justice system. In 2002 for instance as 8,500 African and Caribbean people were preparing for university education a much higher number of 11,500 were being admitted into prison. But they are however under-represented in the political system; they make 2.5% of MPs in parliament.

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The Black Man and the Seven ‘isms’

August 7, 2009…1:37 pm

Trevor Phillips and the Seven ‘isms’ The row over Trevor Phillips has distracted from the more important question of how to tackle racism, says Ade Sawyerr

Trevor Phillips, who chairs the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, has been reappointed to his position and the other commissioners representing the other equalities are resigning. And Black people in this country have been caught in an issue not of their making. They are being asked to support another black man who has risen to the top, and who suddenly needs their support to hang on to his job. The problem is that instead of a debate on the relevance and the effectiveness of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission to deal with the problems of racism, the focus is now on the competence and suitability of a black person to chair that super institution.

It was never supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be different.

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