Do You Mean Business?

sound businessDo You Mean Business?

VS Magazine February 1990

Some people think that you just get an idea, a bank loan and then you are in business. This may be true for a few people, but for the majority of us it takes a little longer. Ade Sawyerr looks at the strategies that you need to apply when you say ‘I want to start a business, and mean it’.

• You need to have a sound idea of the product or service you want to supply.
• There must be a viable market for which demand is likely to grow.
• You need to be committed, dedicated and willing, with relevant technical and management skills and experience which can be applied to the enterprise.
• You should have a solid capital base and avenues for credit should be available to you,
• You need to get information on the various support initiatives, training courses, management and technical assistance packages available which help to create an enabling environment and without which many ventures will fail.

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