Is this the promised re- awakening of the CPP?

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Is this the promised re- awakening of the CPP?
By: Sawyerr, Ade, (2007-10-01)
CPP Reg Chairman Fleischer
A few years ago there was a lot of talk about the demise of the CPP; that it was dying a slow death and that it had become irrelevant for the country and its people. One argument rehearsed is that, for a small nation such as Ghana a third party is a luxury that the country could ill afford. So the conclusion by those are that even though we wish for a maturing and deepening democracy, right and left thinking people should abandon their convictions and take their places in the NDC and the NPP.

But sound thinking people have had to make a robust defence of the party and to state that the CPP will win through with its policies and programmes. There are however those in the press who thought that we were merely whistling and the wind and that the people of Ghana were unlikely to take ever take any notice of the party.

Two years on things have slowly started to change and the party seems to be turning the corner in the perception of the mass of the people. A week is certainly a long time in politics and the past two years have not been exactly squandered by the party faithful as they have kept the name alive.

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Real Change is going to come to Ghana too!!

Real Change is going to come to Ghana too!!

By Ade Sawyerr
Feature Article | Thu, 04 Dec 2008

Whatever happens on Sunday 7th December 2008, there is going to be change in Ghana. Whether the change will be real or not will depend on the perceptions of Ghanaians as to where we should be heading as a country and which party can get us there.

Parliamentary elections
Let me start by talking about the Parliamentary elections, the one that I consider to be the most important if we are to continue with a deepening of our multiparty democratic dispensation.

Parliament is expected to be the highest authority in the land in making the laws of the country and with respect to approving budgets that are set by government. In the Parliamentary system in the UK, parliament is not only the highest lawmaking authority but part of parliament acts as the executive. In the US, the House of Representatives and the Senate are required to make law and the executive president has the role of governing the country. In the Ghanaian system we have a hybrid system where members of parliament are allowed to be part of the executive.

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