To the victor, ALL the spoils

I wrote this after the December 2000 elections. I did not provide advice for President Atta Mills when he took over in 2008.  I will find time to provide some advice to President John Mahama, but i will wait till after he has made all his appointments.

My view of multiparty politics is that it must be adversarial and that the winner in a Presidential race deserves the space to make his own appointments and to run the country the way he sees fit because the people have given him the mandate.  Fortunately sitting in far away England, i do not know those who President Mahama is appointing; i hope they are competent and I hope that he would make a final break from the Provisional National Defence Council.



To the victor, ALL the spoils

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Date: 01-02-2001 07:18

To the victor, ALL the spoils

A government of national unity will be a retrogressive step for democracy in Ghana.

Despite what some of us wrote against the NPP it being an Asante Party, and against Kuffour, he being not ready to rule the country, the people of Ghana have spoken and comprehensively voted against the NDC in this election.

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