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President Obama: What a week!

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President Obama: What a week!

Submitted 3 May 2011 11:08am

OBama, ‘one ‘helluva’ of a lucky and smart President’ writes Ekow Nelson.

The former UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson once observed that “a week is a long time in politics”. And what a week it has been for President Obama.

From hitting a new low in his approval ratings at the beginning of last week, he regained the upper-hand by pulling the rug from underneath Donald Trump’s ‘dog-whistle’ campaign and fantasy presidential bid. Having removed residual doubts about his place of birth (among reasonable people at any rate), he rounded off the week with the announcement that American forces had captured and killed Osama Bin Laden who orchestrated the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001 that remains seared in the collective memory of Americans and the world at large.

It is now clear what President Obama meant by “I’ve got better stuff to do,” in his repudiation of the fringe elements in the Birther movement and parts of the complicit media last week. While Trump was ruminating over whether, as the conservative writer David Frum put it, “a pregnant Stanley Ann Dunham in the summer of 1961 boarded a propeller plane from Honolulu to Los Angeles, then from Los Angeles to New York City, then from New York City to Gander, then from Gander to London, then from London to Nairobi – and then repeated the trip backward a few weeks later – all so that her baby could acquire Kenyan nationality”, Obama was busy concluding plans with the CIA and the US military to take-out the mastermind of the single worst terrorist atrocity of the 21st century. The contrast between Obama and Trump could not have been starker. No doubt nutters like Trump will demand to see Osama Bin Laden’s body before they believe the President’s word. Continue reading “President Obama: What a week!”

The challenge of democracy – Can Obama deliver on his promise to Africa?

The challenge of democracy – Can Obama deliver on his promise to Africa?

Ade Sawyerr © London July 2009
On Friday 10th July 2009 and Saturday 11th July 2009, the whole world had its eyes trained on Ghana. Everyone wanted to hear what this son of Africa who had become leader of the whole world was going to say to help solve some of the chronic problems facing the continent.
Obama exceeded all my expectations and gave a speech that only he could give; he had an excellent grasp of the issues and it was clear that although he was critical of our African leaders, there was an implied promise that he would help to make things better. He also excelled in trying to go beyond the leaders to talk to the youth.
This was clearly a speech that had been written for the leaders as well as for the masses but in the event, we are told that weather conditions did not permit him to address the masses, though some believe that it was more for security considerations; so he had to ask the leaders to take the message to the youth. I was disappointed in the choice of the venue. I had expected that what I still call the Black Star Square should have been used so that there would have been more opportunity for the youth to hear him speak. The lighting was poor and the video feed was atrocious, Ghana could have spent a little bit more money to have got that right. This was an occasion when we should have been truly in the spotlight so to speak, but we failed.
This is the same country that could spend money to buy 250 cars to celebrate 50th anniversary of our independence and yet could not invest in getting the whole world to listen to the clear message of promise from Obama.