On the passing of Comrade Hayford Patterson Akrofi


Akro, Akro, Red Akro! so sad that you have passed on so soon when your beloved party so needed your cool head and your conciliatory ways.  I am truly saddened that i will not be able to meet you in Ghana this August especially since we could not meet when you were down in London earlier this year.

How does one pay tribute to a political comrade who always tried to bridge the gap between the great divide in our party and who was always prepared to be persecuted for his beliefs, except to capture some of the good work you  did for the party over the recent years and applaud your enthusiasm for moving the party forward.

I had known of you since our secondary school days; we would have been classmates if you had continued to the sixth form at Ofori Dankwa’sGhanass at Koforidua.  We met when you had visited the school and then i also heard of you in dispatches as you led the valiant fight against Acheampong’s regime as a student leader – Red Akro because of your socialist bent!

We met in London – Brixton,where we both pursued the cause to bring economic advancement to African heritage communities.  I had executed a project with the Black Contractors Association to assist them win contracts by providing them with professional help in getting their documentation and their bidding done professionally and you were the architect that worked with them.

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The late Nii Armar-Kojo Armar

Akli! and all those terms that easily came from your register – patent, absolutely, bottom line, those emphatic words will not resound any more.  You are truly at rest in the bosom of the Lord! Even in your last days when you were ill, very ill, you were still in your early-adopter mode: your aramis, your parker pen set, your accelerated learning programmes and yes your phone with a double or triple sim card.

for you things had to be done a particular way; a proper way, a perfect way.  your suits were immaculate and you always wanted to have that special tie pin and cuff links and yes again the gold cigarette lighter and the clutch bag.

But in your last days, the DVD set that you wanted was to enable you to watch and listen to the sermons from your church – Central – the pastor came to the home and prayed for you.

So we all wanted to remember you in a particular way even when you were fast deteriorating – so i have gone to my archives to pick this photograph of you for our memories.


My dear wife, Ahinae did all she could to nurse you back to good health, to make sure that you were comfortable in your last days, my son Olumide ran all the errands around you, and several others participated in that effort of daily visits to the hospital and care home, and you  fought with all the life you had in you to the end till  your maker came for you, perhaps too soon, but only he knows the best time. and for us mere mortals much as we try, we will never understand the mystery of death.

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