Equinox Consulting


Equinox Consulting is an innovative management consultancy set up 28 years ago to promote social and economic advancement amongst disadvantaged and socially excluded communities.We consider ourselves as specialists in the field of regeneration and renewal of deprived communities and have experience of working with and for clients from black and minority ethnic communities.We adopt an integrated approach by offering consultancy, training and research services to meet our objectives and have considerable expertise in providing enterprise strategies, employment initiatives and community development and involvement solutions to add value to the work of
our clients.

Equinox Consulting continues to add value to the wide range of clients that include: central governments and their statutory agencies, regional and local governments and their partnerships, voluntary and community organisations and small medium and micro enterprises that continue to benefit from our experience of tackling issues for often marginalised comunities.

Equinox Consulting is an approved consultant for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations and a Registered Practice of the Institute of Management Consultancy.



2 thoughts on “Equinox Consulting

  1. Am very glad that there is a place where we can get historical information on Gadangme . There is a lot of enlightenment on the Ga stool conflict which is very informing . I say Kudos to Ade for bringing this info into the domain of those who want to understand. I wait for more . thanks

  2. akora thumbs up, please find my contact email. i would want to work in your outfit as a graduate trainee.

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