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Gadangme Yahoogroups

Aims and Objectives of Gadangme

The aims and objectives of the Gadangme Internet Community are as follows :

(a) Identifying and promoting ideas for the development all aspects of GaDangme society within the context of modern Ghana, hence contributing to Ghana’s development;

(b) Observing and promoting GaDangme culture, traditions and customs;

(c) Developing and promoting the Ga and Dangme languages by learning and teaching their proper usage and orthography;

(d) Propagating and teaching rich history of the GaDangme people.

Group email addresses:

To Subscribe <>
To Post Messages <>
To Unsubscribe <>
To Contact List owner <>

Subscribed members also have exclusive access to a website where mails posted to the group can be read. This website is at :

this is the most active and worthy of forums discussing Gadangme issues worldwide

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  1. Microsoft edzie Swiftkey Ga keyboard layout kpo, kɛ hã Ga ŋmãã. Oo na ekɔ yɛ iTunes aloo Google Play mliŋ ni náã, inki (Ŋŋ) tete po yɛ mliŋ!

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